Change write access itunes media folder music

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Change write access itunes media folder music

This can be done, but there are two caveats: You have to tell these programs that a particular folder on the external drive should be part of their music "library.

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Here's how to add the appropriate folder to the library: In Windows Media Player 11, with the external drive plugged in, press F3. Click Advanced Options, then the Add button below the list of folders.

change write access itunes media folder music

It's all pretty obvious from there. Select the folder from the resulting Browse For Folder box.

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If the external hard drive is your main source of music, you can select it as the primary library source by going into iTunes Preferences, clicking on Advanced and hitting "Change" next to the iTunes Media Folder location.

From here, you can also allow iTunes to reorganise your music collection or automatically update the hard drive with any music you add directly to iTunes. If you choose to do this, however, you must make sure your external hard drive is connected whenever iTunes is open.

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If you have other tech questions, email them to me at answer pcworld.If you know where the music files went, such as you moved it to a new folder or renamed the original files to something new while better organizing your computer’s files, then you’re in luck.

You’ll be able to simply re-direct iTunes to the new folder.

Part 1: Import Windows Media Player Music to iTunes

If iTunes had previously been working ok and then suddenly out of the blue you got the warning “The folder “iTunes” is on a locked disk or you do not have write permission for this folder”, try changing ownership of the iTunes folder in Music/iTunes and then reassigning permissions.

Pk on Moving iTunes from Mac to PC The only thing I had to do in addition to your steps was change my path under the store tab in preferences from iTunes Media to iTunes Music.


Thanks! There was also a little confusion because my music folder was titled, itunes media. But really I didn’t have to veer off much from what you instructed.

change write access itunes media folder music

4) Navigate to This PC > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > and highlight the "Music" folder. 5) With that folder highlighted click the "Add this folder to music" button.

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Solution. Open Windows Media Player 12 Click the Rip tab> More options In the window that opens, Go to the "Rip Music section" Then click the "Change" button and select the folder where you want to save the files copied from your from the audio CDs.

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