Socratic questioning tss

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Socratic questioning tss

Chronology of tether missions The drag feature of tethers may be used to deorbit a body a malfunctioning or out-of-service satellite.

Socratic questioning tss

A multitude of low-cost applications can be designed around tether systems besides propulsion such as communications, atmospheric studies, gravity experiments, power generation, etc.

Early ideas on space tethers can be traced to the works of the Russian space enthusiast Konstantin Tsiolkovsky In Tsiolkovsky became fascinated with the construction of the tall Eiffel Tower m which was inaugurated in on the occasion of the first World Exposition Exposition Universelle in Paris, France.

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He proposed a conceptual tower so tall that it reached into space, held there by the rotation of the Earth. However, there was no realistic way to build it Ref. The first two space tethers each 30 m Socratic questioning tss length flew induring the Gemini and manned orbital missions of NASA.

Each Gemini spacecraft was tethered to its Agena upper stage. They created a milligee of artificial gravity and discovered the awkward dynamics. The control by humans was seen as a way to simplify the system rather than complicate it!

The 3-day mission launch of Socratic questioning tss on Sept. The first space tethers were webbed lines that connected the Gemini and spacecraft launch of Gemini on Nov.

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These demonstrated that tethers could be used to connect spacecraft for artificial gravity or to stabilize a spacecraft. A 30 m tether line connects the Agena Target Docking Vehicle with the Gemini spacecraft image credit: NASA Orbital tether experiments began again in and have continued through the present.

Tether missions in the s have included several important milestones, such as: The finding of the proper deployment strategy and mechanism has been the biggest problem throughout the history of space tethers so far - resulting in many mission failures. The overall objective of the tether demonstration mission is to obtain data on tether performance, survivability, and dynamics.

The data is crucial to the development of operational tether systems for propellantless propulsion and deorbit, formation-flying, and momentum-exchange transportation applications.

The MAST experiment consists of three picosatellites, i. The tether structure is composed of the multi-strand Hoytether with redundant interlinking that is able to withstand many impacts that incorporates both conducting and nonconducting materials.

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Each end of the tether will be anchored with a picosatellite. The imagery of the tether will be transmitted periodically to a ground station for analysis. In addition, all three picosatellites contain GPS receivers, and data from these receivers will be collected to provide information on the dynamics of tethered formations of spacecraft and the performance of the tether deployment technologies.

The fourth multiple-launch CubeSat mission took place on April 17, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan on a Dnepr launch vehicle launch provider: The launch involved 7 CubeSats and 7 microsatellites as secondary payloads.

Illustration of the various MAST spacecraft image credit: MAST launch configuration left and deployed configuration rightimage credit: Block diagram of the MAST configuration image credit: Hence, the tether deployed just a few meters rather than its full length of 1 km.

The downlink communications with Gadget improved considerably. In short, the trio of MAST picosatellites has failed in an attempt to deploy a 1 km long tether in space.

The principle scientific objectives of the mission were to make electric field, electric wave, magnetic field and particle measurements in the earth's ionosphere up to an altitude of km.

The tethered payload consisted of two spinning sub-payloads with a mass of 84 and kg, with their own experiment complement and telemetry systems, that were connected by a thin 0. The mission achieved its scientific objectives to detect the natural magnetic-field-aligned dc electric field E utilizing a large double probe, and to carry out novel bistatic propagation experiments.

The flight established a record for the length of an electrodynamic tether in space at that time: SOA Although the mission was successful, flight data indicated that the aft sub-payload experienced a rapid increase in its coning angle to nearly 35 degrees half angle.

A post-flight investigations concluded that the dynamic behavior was caused by interaction of the tether with the sub-payloads. This observation was unexpected due the fact that the tether mass was negligible relative to masses of both sub-payloads, and the tether dynamic interaction was expected to be negligible in the relatively short time 11 minutes of a suborbital flight.The Anchorage School District is committed to helping all students prepare for the future.

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