The theme of class and the

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The theme of class and the

Come on -- Cheer it on Respect helps others Come on -- Bring it on. It was only appropriate that a "new school" have a new identity to accompany it. The committee decided that creating a school mascot might be a great first step and a way to increase school spirit.

Then, at an assembly during the first week of this school year, the eagle was unveiled as our school mascot. This year's verse is Philippians Chapter 2, Verse 3: Each child in the school created a version of the eagle from a template and all of those eagles were hung in our front lobby.

Every student eagerly looked for his or her eagle hanging on the wall. For example, one hallway will be Beary Potter Lane. During that week, we will focus on expository and fictional reading about bears.

We found many resources for this topic in library supply catalogs such as Demco and Jump Start. We explored the process of elections and campaigns schoolwide. Each grade level was a different continent; they did thematic studies about their continent and shared their learning across the grades.

That was one of the most popular themes with teachers and students, because it could be expanded so much and it fit so many subjects. Each 9-week period was focused on one of the HATS words.

The school is the result of the merging of two middle schools, each of which had strong programs and activities for their students and staffs. We also know that our students need to have a place where they feel the people and programs are solid and stable. We want the message to be sent far and wide that we are building for our students, parents, and staff a strong foundation.

Themes are not a new thing at Kirbyville Elementary. Gaines shared with Education World news of a couple themes from previous years.

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That "link" served as a symbol of the theme; teachers talked with students about the importance of working together. Go, Grow, Know, Show. Students set personal learning goals that were displayed throughout the school. Those goals were revisited quarterly and students added stars under the goals to show how they were growing, how they knew they were making progress, and to 'show' what they have learned.

Not every school principal can come up with a new theme year after year that resounds with students, staff, and parents.

But if you use the brainpower of your staff, no telling what great theme might result. So, at one of your upcoming staff meetings, why not present as examples a few of your favorite ideas from this article? Then challenge teachers to work on their own or in grade-level teams to come up with a theme idea that will enhance spirit, inspire motivation, and spell success for your students.

To explore other practical articles from the Principal Files series, go to our Principal Files Archive.the main theme of the poem is that one should not get easily flattered by any one because they can get cheated.

The theme of class and the

in the very story it is seen that nightingale gets easilt . The theme of Social Class plays a main role in the novel as Dickens was trying to explain the social differences between the rich and the poor in the Victorian times.

Furthermore Pip’s realisation that wealth and class are less important than affection, loyalty, and inner worth. Would you say that social class distinction is a theme in Pride and Prejudice? 1 educator answer Consider the representation of class differences in Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice.

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Our Bulletin Board Ideas by Theme pages provide you with resources to help display your students' learning while keeping your classroom walls looking great all year long. Within each theme you will find fun and educational resources that are specific to the various topics covered within that theme.

For a classroom, a teacher might want to involve the entire class at the beginning of the year in talking about and developing the theme for the year.

This gives students an opportunity to start thinking about their own dreams and goals.

Universal Themes and Generalizations In A Gifted Class